With a hip charm, she is not only a rapper, singer, songwriter, talented presenter, but also an influential figure who wants to contribute with her own style and method for a better world.

AleXa x Close to your Heart

The super rookie Alexa is drawing attention from all over the world, starting with AAA Focus at the 2020 Asian Artist Awards. The journey to donate to Good Neighbors has begun with Tribute.

Responsibility for environmental protection and sustainability Oasis Zegna

In search of a public ecological park created by Italian menswear brand Zegna by planting 500,000 trees over 110 years.

good idea good consumption

Love for the planet, the environment and humanity stems from thoughtful considerations about sustainability. A conscious move of fashion and beauty brands in the era of the environment.

To ensure that all children grow up in a healthy and safe environment

Siwon Choi was selected as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for the East Asia Pacific region for activities such as advocating for children's rights and sharing for the underprivileged. The message of hope he delivers to the world.

그들의 숭고한 희생과 헌신을 기억하기 위해

Since 2017, Habitat Korea has been consoling and sympathizing with the pain of the descendants by remembering the courageous lives of independence activists through the support project for the descendants of independence fighters.

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Let’s create something valuable together.

    Let’s create something valuable together.